A-ha, you thought Catholic meant relating to Catholicism, or something good and wholly, eh? Ordinarily, I would say you’re correct and give you a GRE hi-five, but the fuckers in the standardized testing caves are out to trick you! 

    Catholic ( adj; ka-tha-lick)

    Universal; broad and comprehensive

    Wingitz’s guide to remembering CATHOLIC:

    The Pope Mobile

    I mean, com’on, how many church leaders have a pimped out car like this? These are fo’ da big boizzz!!!!

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    Abberant (adj.;uh-bur-unt)

    To deviate from what is normal or expected

    Wingitz’s way to remember this:

    Still having trouble with abberant?

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    Abase (v; uh-base) 

    To disgrace or humble

    The Wingitz way to remember ABASE?

    The Toronto Blue Jays, a historically are not a good team—well, they haven’t been to the playoffs since the last strike in 1994. Just recently, sports media revealed that the Blue Jays have been stealing signs from other teams.

    Obviously the act of cheating makes the Blue Jays organization DISGRACEFUL because they couldn’t get ABASE hit to win to get to the playoffs. You can say that if the allegations are true, this will HUMBLE the organization into playing fairly.

    Oh shit, we suck!

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